Miystasia Style

Everyday is your runway!

Miystasia Style is a clothing store featuring a wide variety of dresses, maxi dresses, skirts and men's wear.  Once an order is placed, each design is hand-made and tailored to each customer's size.

Anastasia Diaz, the founder of Miystasia Style, is a women's and men's fashion designer that designs custom pieces specifically for enhancing a women's physique and a man's upscale attire.  Our tactics with our woman's attire features high waist skirts, stretch fabrics, 4-way stretch fabrics, 2-way stretch fabrics in order to elaborate a woman's figure in the most elegant, classy and sophisticated way possible.

Being a woman with a small bust, wide bottom and large hips, Anastasia always struggled to find clothes that would fit her body the exact way she wanted it to fit her.  After years of being unsatisfied with the clothes she was buying at many stores, she finally started designs and sewing her own clothes that would fit her body type.  After wearing her own designs, she instantly started receiving compliments, positive feedback and order requests from woman and men.

LOVE AND RESPECT YOUR BODY!! EMBRACE AND SHOW OFF ALL OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL CURVES!! stay classy, comfortable, flattering and beautiful by shopping at Miystasia Style!